Teaching and learning in I-EP Middle School
Teaching and learning in I-EP Middle School

I-EP Middle School develops its curriculum under the philosophy and framework of International Baccalaureate Middle Year Program (IB MYP).


I-EP Middle School developed a broad and balanced curriculum in the hopes of empowering our learners to become global citizens that are grounded in Chinese culture with international perspective and lifelong learners.


In the I-EP Middle School, teaching and learning are organized into eight subjects groups:

• Language acquisition (English) 

• Language and literature (Chinese) 

• Individuals and societies (History) 

• Sciences 

• Mathematics 

• Arts (Visual Arts and Music)

• Physical and health education

• Design  


The I-EP Middle School centers around and is underpinned by the following six key components:


• Active learning

•  Learning in authentic context

• Conceptual understanding

• Inquiry-based learning

• Approaches to teaching and learning 

• Chinese traditional culture


In order to better prepare our students for the global challenges of the 21st century, we also offer the following subjects:


• Computer programming

• Language enrichment

• Library Skills

• Inquiry project


Special Courses

Inquiry Field trips  

Inquiry field trips are short-distance trips designed according to the monthly themes. With the support of community resources and authentic contexts, students gain better understanding of the monthly themes and global contexts.


Entrepreneurship Course (Semester 1)  

I-EP Middle School values the cultivation of entrepreneurship as it is a collection of abilities and attitudes that are essential for students to successful in the fast-growing societies and global challenges in 21st century. Student will have an approximately one week short course of entrepreneurship each year. Students will have the chance to gain ASDAN Awards (Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network) according to their performance. ASDAN programmes and qualifications are recognized by Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency (QCA) and the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS).  


Grid Course (Semester 2)   

Outdoor activities is an important approach for I-EP Middle School to cultivate students’ GRID power. By involving in outdoor challenges, we cultivate students’ curiosity and awareness for maintaining a healthy body. Most importantly, we want to encourage students to become risk-takers and persist through difficulties, which will naturally feed into their everyday learning and daily life.