The library, located on the northeast side of the first floor of the school, covers an area of about 500 square meters. It is not only an important place for students to cultivate their autonomous learning ability and expand their extra-curricular knowledge, but also a key place for students to learn reading and library skills. In the library, there is a multimedia audio-visual room, a classroom with Seewo Smartboard, three reading spaces and four books spaces. We now have a total of 37,000 volumes, which are put in four different areas (the early primary, primary, middle school and English areas) according to students' ages, interests and reading ability.

What are Library skills?

1) Why do we need Library skills?

People usually make judgments and decisions based on information. However, in today's world, this process is becoming more and more difficult. With the rapid development of the media, culture and information technology, we are faced with an ever-increasing amount of information and their forms are becoming more and more diverse. In a sea of mixed information, the ability to find, read, organize and identify information is like a compass to help us find our direction and drive us forward. To help the students find some compass that suits them, is the purpose of the library skill class.

2) The library skill class includes these aspects :

· library utilization - skills to use the library resources properly

In the course of library use, the students will learn how to use the library from the aspects of library manner, book distribution, book structure, coding, and so on, according to the inquiry task assigned by the teacher.

· information skills - skills to choose and process information, organize them and present

In the information skills course, the teacher selects different texts for students to read, including paper and electronic ones, and asks students to use them to accomplish specific tasks.

· reading skill - skills to read different genres according to different purposes

In the reading skills course, students will explore topics according to the Unit of Inquiry. We will make use of different types of books in the library, learn the reading skills related to these books. In each reading task, the student goes through a process of inquiry.


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